Richard Baumer

Education :

  • B.S.E, Welding Engineering, LeTourneau University (2008)
  • PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, MIT (2013)

Projects :

Radiation-resistant amorphous materials

Awards :

  • NSF Graduate Fellow, 2009-2012
  • Best Poster Award, Fall MRS 2010
  • Silver Graduate Student Award, Materials Research Society, Fall Meeting 2013

In September 2013, joined the Dow Chemical Company as a Senior Engineer.

Selected publications :

R. E. Baumer and M. J. Demkowicz, “Glass Transition by Gelation in a Phase Separating Binary Alloy,” Physical Review Letters 110, 145502 (2013)

R. E. Baumer and M. J. Demkowicz, “Prediction of Spontaneous Plastic Deformation of Irradiated Metallic Glasses due to Thermal Spike-Induced Plasticity”, Materials Research Letters, 2014,…

R. E. Baumer and M. J. Demkowicz, “Radiation response of amorphous metal alloys: Subcascades, thermal spikes and super-quenched zones,” Acta Materialia 83, 419 (2015)

R. E. Baumer and M. J. Demkowicz, “A ‘figure of merit’ for susceptibility of irradiated amorphous metal alloys to thermal spike-induced plasticity,” Acta Materialia 83, 419 (2015)