Mengying Liu
Pursuing a PhD degree

Location :

Texas A&M University

Education :

  • B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Tianjin University, China, July 2015
  • Visiting Scholar, Materials Science and Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA, Jan-Jun 2015

Projects :

Mitigating hydrogen- and helium- induced damage

Awards :

  • Charles Crawford ’19 Fellowship, 2015
  • Chinese Government Scholarship, 2014
  • 2014 “Nobel Prize” in Tianjin University students
  • Japanese Student Services Organization Scholarship, 2014
  • Renmin Scholarship, 2014

Selected publications :

Lu, Kathy, Donald Erb, and Mengying Liu. “Thermal stability and electrical conductivity of carbon-enriched silicon oxycarbide.” Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4.9 (2016): 1829-1837.

Liu, Meng Ying, Ya Li Li, Sheng Xiang Qu, Shuai Shuai Han, and Si Hui Wang. “Fabrication of Carbon Nanofiber and Silicon Carbonitride Ceramic Nanomposites by In Situ Growth during Ceramic Formation.” Key Engineering Materials. Vol. 602. 2014.