Matteo Seita

Education :

  • B.S. Electronic Engineering, Politecnico di Torino (IT), 2005
  • M.S. Micro and Nanotechnologies for Integrated Systems, Politecnico di Torino (IT), INP Grenoble (FR), EPF Lausanne (CH), 2007
  • Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, ETH Zurich (CH), 2012

Projects :

Mitigating hydrogen- and helium- induced damage
Bayesian inference applied to grain boundaries

Awards :

  • Runner up at the Material Research Prize 2013, Zurich CH.
  • Best Poster Award, Gordon Research Conference on Thin Film & Small Scale Mechanical Behavior 2012, Waterville ME.
  • Young Investigator Award, Ion Implantation Technology 2010, Kyoto JP.

Selected publications :

M. Seita, J. P. Hanson, S. Gradecak, and M. J. Demkowicz, “The dual role of coherent twin boundaries in hydrogen embrittlement,” Nature Communications 6, 6164 (2015)

M. Seita, A. S. Sologubenko, F. Fortuna, M. J. Süess, and R. Spolenak, “On the peculiar deformation mechanism of ion-induced texture rotation in thin films,” Acta Materialia 64, 297 (2014)

M. Seita, R. Schäublin, Max Döbeli, and R. Spolenak, “Selective ion induced grain growth: thermal spike modeling and its experimental validation,” Acta Materialia 61, 6171 (2013)

M. Seita, A. Reiser, and R. Spolenak, “Ion-induced grain growth and texturing in refractory thin films – a low temperature process,” Applied Physics Letters 101, 251905 (2012)

M. Seita, C. M. Pecnik, S. Frank, and R. Spolenak, “Direct evidence for stress-induced texture evolution and grain growth of silver thin films upon thermal treatment and self-ion bombardment,” Acta Materialia 58, 6513 (2010)