Kedarnath Kolluri

Education :

  • B.Tech, Chemical Engineering, IIT, Madras 2001
  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, UMass, Amherst 2009

Projects :

Materials design through interface engineering

Awards :

  • Silver Graduate Student Award, Materials Research Society, Fall Meeting 2008

Selected publications :

K. Kolluri, M. J. Demkowicz, R. G. Hoagland, X. Y. Liu, Behavior of Vacancies and Interstitials at Semicoherent Interfaces, JOM 65 (3), 374-381 (2013)

K. Kolluri, M. J. Demkowicz, Formation, migration, and clustering of delocalized vacancies and interstitials at a solid-state semicoherent interface, Physical Review B 85 (20), 205416 (2012)

K. Kolluri, M. J. Demkowicz, Coarsening by network restructuring in model nanoporous gold,  Acta Materialia 59 (20), 7645-7653 (2011)